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A Letter to Exhibitors

Dear Friend:

As always, we value your participation and recognize your need for shows that are profitable and well organized. We recognize your personal need to be treated with courtesy and to have all of your concerns not only heard, but also resolved quickly and to your satisfaction. Thus, we are again including our Statement of Values and Ethics as part of our commitment to you. In addition, we reiterate our pledge to the following:

  1. Shows will be held in dignified and secure settings where all booths can remain set up overnight.
  2. We promise professional, accessible and sympathetic relations with each and every participant.

We hope you will consider these events for the year 2017. We promise to make every effort to be worthy of your trust. We know how hard you work and we are committed to being a partner in prosperity. We look forward to speaking with you if you have any questions.

Paul Weingarten, Executive Director
Raya Zafrina, Director of Operations

Statement of Ethics and Value

SERVICE: We will never forget that what we do and how we do it has an important effect on the hundreds of crafts people who count on us to perform our service and that we also need you. We know you want results (i. e. - a high return, good contacts, and growth).

HONESTY: We will conduct our professional relationships with honesty, and integrity. We will foster trust and emphasize our commitment to a professional approach that does not exclude human considerations and humane treatment.

CONCERN: We will show concern for the welfare of our clients and constituents, the people we work with, the facilities that we use, the environment and the men and women who put their trust in us.

COURTESY: We will be courteous to our clients, to each other and to all those whose lives we touch. We will consider how we would like to be treated when interacting with our patrons and clients.

EXCELLENCE: We will continue to strive for excellence in all that we do. We will find satisfaction only in the highest level of performance and in the best possible results.

TEAMWORK: We will see the crafts world as a community working as a team. We will attempt to engender harmonious interaction within this enterprise by recognizing our interdependence and combining our best thinking and efforts towards making the American Crafts Festival at Lincoln Center and the Autumn Crafts Festival at Lincoln Center among the best Crafts Festivals in the Nation.


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